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South West African Pounds (1915 - 1952)
Suidwes-Afrikaanse Pond (1915 - 1952)

South West Africa was established as a German colony in 1884, and attracted German and Afrikaner settlers. In 1915, as part of the South African effort in World War I, South African troops invaded and occupied the territory on behalf of the British Empire. In 1917, the League of Nations granted South Africa a mandate to administer South West Africa. From the 1950s onward the territory was administered as sovereign South African territory, in essence becoming South Africa's fifth province, even electing representatives to the South African parliament. South West Africa became independent as Namibia in 1990 (see the Namibian currency page).

Under German colonial administration (1884 - 1915), the German South West African Mark had been the territory's currency. With the end of German control, South African banks issued South West African Marks from 1916 to 1918, when the South African Pound was introduced to the territory. South West African Pounds were introduced in the 1930s, and were issued by three South African banks – Standard Bank, Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas Bank), and Volkskas Bank. The last issue of South African Pounds was in 1959, and in 1961 the South West African Pound was replaced by the South African Rand.

The following notes were issued during the pre-Rand period of the territory's history, and bear the following inscriptions in Afrikaans (Namibia's lingua franca to this day), and English:

This note is secured by deposits with the government.
Hierdie noot is gedek deur deposito's by die regering.

The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (or other bank)
Die Standard Bank van Suid-Afrika Beperk (of ander bank)

Promises to pay on demand (amount) at Windhoek
Beloof op aanvraag te betaal aan toonder (bedrag) in Windhoek

Value received by order of the Board of Directors
Waarde ontvang op las van die raad van direkteure

South West Africa legal tender issue
Suidwes-Afrika wettige betaalmiddeluitgifte

Five Pounds, 1948, issued by the Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Vyf Pond, 1948, uitgifte deur die Standard Bank van Suid-Afrika bpk 

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One Pound, 1953, issed by the Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Een Pond, 1953, uitgifte deur die Standard Bank van Suid-Afrika bpk

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Five Pounds, 1949, issued by Barclays Bank (text also in German)
Vyf Pond, 1949, uitgifte deur Barclays Bank (ook in Duits)
Fünf Pfund, 1949, herausgegeben von der Barclays Bank (Beschreibung auch in Deutsch)

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